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Dance and performance training: Young Performers’ 

If you’re an emerging talent in dance, music and song, then why not explore it fully at Sydney’s leading dance training and performance art school? You never know - you could end up on the stage of a musical!

There are many past and present Brent Street students on stage and screen. If you too would like a career on TV and maybe even appear in commercials, movies and musicals, check out the Brent Street Agency here and see some of the recent successes.

Designed to suit all levels and ages, our Young Performers’ Program offers dance training in everything from jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop and ballet, to performance art training in singing, acting, acrobatics and musical theatre.

Led by the Lucas Newland, the Young Performers’ Program offers a wide range of classes that students can take after school, on weekends and in school holidays. No audition is needed. Find out more about our membership options or book into a free trial class.

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Head of Young Performers' Program: Lucas Newland

Dance training classes: What Young Performers cover

  • Jazz - classes consist of commercial jazz incorporating a blend of technique, strength and style culminating in a polished performance piece choreographed by working professionals.
  • Tap CSTD - The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) Examinations, is a prestigious international tap syllabus that gives aspiring tap dancers a strong technical foundation. The syllabus classes are an opportunity to learn complex rhythms, tap terminology and result in students being assessed in an exam environment. Tap classes incorporate many diverse styles within the tap genre blending together technique, rhythms and timing concluding in an intricate routine choreographed by experienced professionals.
  • Ballet - RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Classical ballet classes are offered for those who would like to test their skills through annual examinations from the RAD. Classes are offered from pre-primary (aged 5 & 6) through to Advanced 2 and Advanced Foundation levels. RAD trained teachers oversee the program and Brent Street students achieve excellent results.

    In addition to or as an alternative to RAD, students can choose to attend classical technique ballet classes in their age group. One of the pre-requisites for attending classes on a Saturday in the Young Performers program is that one class in ballet per week, must be attended.
  • Hip hop - classes are choreography based and are highly stylised to that of an international standard. Correct hip hop technique is taught within the choreography with a high emphasis on foundation grooves, movement and connection to the music. A variety of different movements and styles are incorporated into every piece of choreography. 
  • JFH - Jazz/Funk/HipHop - the most current of commercial dance styles, JFH combines the strength and power of jazz with the attitude and fun of Hip hop. Students will learn basic foundation jazz technique along with different hip hop styles in a fun and high energy environment.
  • Acrobatics - a fun and challenging class. Learn to do tricks like cartwheels, byranis, walkovers and backflips!! Acrobatics also gives the more serious dancers a competitive edge against others in auditions. Anybody of any level can join as the classes are catered for individual students at different levels in a safe and fun environment.
  • Contemporary - Classes Students will receive training in contemporary dance with influences from ballet, jazz and modern pushing the boundaries in commercial and traditional contemporary styles.

Performance arts training: What Young Performers cover

  • Musical theatre - classes cover all Broadway and Westend musical genres from 1920's to present day. Students incorporate both song & dance in their routines and therefore must also attend jazz.
    • Acting - catering for students who would like to build their confidence at the same time as developing skills that can be taken into the professional industry. All classes are age appropriate with younger students concentrating on building every genre of the industry such as:
      • stage technique
      • TV acting
      • film acting
      • Technique based classes include Stanislavski and Laban Movement
    • Group singing - The class is a fun, social way to learn the fundamentals of singing as a group.  Over the term students learn basic technique, breathing, harmonies and cover a curriculum of different musical styles and genres.
    • Private singing - An intensive program for the more serious young singer.  Private singing lessons are tailored to the individual needs of each student.  Lessons will cover technique, repertoire from different era’s, genres and styles, and are geared to learning the stagecraft of performing as a solo singer.  Students need to be able to commit to regular home practice in order to reap the full benefits of private singing.

Head of Young Performers - Lucas Newland