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Full-time performing arts course: Professionals’ Development Program

Brent Street is a registered training organisation (RTO # 91488) offering nationally recognised training qualifications in live performance and entertainment to passionate individuals intent on a career in the performing arts.

Certificate IV in Dance

The Certificate IV in Dance is a one year, full-time nationally recognised training course for students aged over 17. For more than 21 years Brent Street’s Certificate IV (‘fulltime’) program has been the training ground for many well known dancers, singers and actors.

In 2015 the Certificate IV in Dance is offered in two streams – Triple Threat and Classical/ Contemporary. Students undertake training across a broad range of performing arts to best prepare for a career in this competitive industry.

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Certificate IV in Dance - 2 years part-time

This program gives elite and passionate performers who are in their final years of schooling a head start in their serious training for a career in the performing arts by providing a challenging training environment with a cohort of like-minded and talented students all wanting to be top in their field.

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Diploma of Musical Theatre

Programmed in consultation with renowned performing artists including Caroline O'Connor, Brent Street's Diploma of Musical Theatre gives aspiring musical theatre professionals the opportunity to refine and extend all three Broadway performance skill sets.

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Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance)

This audition only one year, full-time course offers ultra-serious, young classical ballet and contemporary dancers aspiring to one day dance in a professional company a boost to their career.

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Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management

(Two intakes each year starting on 20 July 2015)

This course is a natural progression from the Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management and there are quite a few pre-requisite subjects from the certificate program before you can start the Diploma. This course is 20 weeks x 4 days per week and is taught concurrently with the Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management program with additional mentoring sessions. Students also undertake a number of practical dance classes with the Certificate IV in Dance students to ensure knowledge of technique and the latest styles across a range of genres. The Diploma program focuses on refining dance teaching skills and knowledge and takes you to the next level of difficulty in teaching ‘medium level’ and older students. There is more detail and depth of training in elements of running a small business, financial and marketing plan development and managing live productions.

Auditions for the July 2015 intake will be held on our Open Day on 26 April 2015 from 2 – 4 pm. The full digital prospectus for this program will be available shortly. If you have any queries about this program please contact

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